Styling options

Ammique offers more flexible aesthetic options than traditional beds. Here's how a solution might work best for you…

• Ammique Beds

Choose from a selection of decorative posts, décor panels, cushions and throws, handmade in Britain, in a choice of materials, fabrics and colour ways – read more about adaptable styling.

• Ammique Limited Editions

Constantly innovating and exploring new material finishes, we are bringing eclectic new collections to our sleepscape studio. These include transforming headboards, coordinating accessories and yet again challenging bedroom conventions. Some of our designs will be unusual and brave, but all are guaranteed to provide the wow factor!

• Ammique Bespoke

Exclusive, in-house special editions which also include fully bespoke designs. We can work with you and your designer to provide any advice necessary and make to your specification. Structurally there are certain parameters to work within and our design team are here to guide you through the process.