Our story

Our journey began at the turn of the 21st century when we were looking for a new bed, and as the founders of a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing company based near Bath, we began to wonder why bed design had hardly changed since the 19th century.


We could not understand why it was so difficult to make an informed choice when buying a bed nor could we comprehend how any mattress could support us in the correct sleeping posture – individually and as a couple – given that they deteriorate in support and in cleanliness over their recommended eight year life span.

Having carried out comprehensive research into the design of conventional beds and mattresses; we set out to design and create a better bed that would offer long term, effective body support and better sleep.

The result is the Ammique sleep technology – developed and created with consistent comfort, hygiene, airflow, adaptability and the environment in mind.

The Ammique is a high performance sleep system and a radical alternative to the traditional bed and mattress combo – a revolution not a mere evolution.

To complete your Ammique sleepspace™, a range of headboards, hand crafted furniture, decorative bedding and essential, superior companion products such as duvets and pillows, pure white 100% Egyptian cotton duvet covers, pillow slips and tailored sheets will be available.

But the story does not end there. Beyond the mix of colour, texture, headboards, panelling, fabrics and furnishings, a bespoke service including the design and installation of lighting and audio-visual systems to create your perfect Ammique sleepscape™ will also be available.



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