Which Ammique is fit for you?

Ammique 4800 Single

Although the baby of the family this boasts the same innovative qualities as larger models. It’s a much wider solution than any standard single bed, combining added space with unrivalled support for one person (or occasional sharing).

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Ammique 7800 King

The most popular option in our portfolio, this generous king size offers more than enough space for two and is luxuriously well proportioned on every level.

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Ammique 9800 Super King

For those wanting to make a bold statement, this lavish bed offers a footprint to rival traditional emperor dimensions (and even longer).

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Ammique Bespoke

If you like to be different, to stand out from the crowd and need a very individual solution – Ammique offers more flexible size and aesthetic options than any other bed on the market.

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The art of sleep with Ammique

  • Always a big debate on what #fragrances help people sleep - one study even suggests that the #natural #scent of a loved one can aid better sleep! We think #lavender is the answer so check out our sleepscape range https://bit.ly/2ZMnPOX
  • It’s a scary fact that on average 87 litres of moisture goes into a mattress per person per year - not with Ammique where #hygiene is a priority and everything is removable and washable.
  • There are endless styling options with Ammique to suit everyone from the youngest #sleeper. In our newly open sleepscape studio a #child sized Ammique is now on show.