With no mattress and a lifetime guarantee, the Ammique is a bed like no other. 

The Ammique sleep technology is a radical mattress-less alternative to traditional beds and mattresses.

Unlike any other bed, the Ammique has been engineered specifically to contour to every person’s individual weight, shape and movement instantaneously. Its state of the art design also addresses many of the other problems associated with conventional beds and mattresses.

The Ammique is a technologically advanced, robust, high quality, specialist sleep system designed to perform consistently by maintaining your spine and musculo-skeletal structure in the perfect sleeping posture all night, every night, for a lifetime.

The Ammique sleep system is made up of thousands of precision engineered components, which contour to the natural curves of your body making sleep a completely new experience.  Furthermore, because it supports each person individually, there is absolutely no roll together.

Modular construction means that the Ammique can be easily lengthened and also easily manoeuvred into even the most challenging of spaces. Its adaptive outer frame with interchangeable decorative panels allows for endless styling options.

Each bed is hand-crafted in the UK to the highest specifications. While we have some standard models, we are also happy to work with clients to design and style their perfect bed.


Annually, an estimated 38,200,000 mattresses are discarded in the United States, with the majority of these going to landfills. The mattress industry is responsible for a vast amount of waste.

We created the Ammique bed with the mandate that we would make our solution environmentally sustainable. All timber and timber products are FSC certified and are from renewable sources. Waste is carefully managed throughout. All packaging is re-used or recycled. The inner components are made from re-processed stock and all materials are sourced ethically and can be recycled.

The Ammique Bed is manufactured to the highest specification and based on rigorous, independent testing has an estimated functional life of over 250 years – 242 years longer than the 8-year lifespan of mattresses.

At last – a bed that will let you sleep at night.

“If the spinal column is unloaded during the night and if it is supported in its natural, physiological shape, it should be able to recuperate from daily activities. Since both body dimensions and body weight distribution have an important influence on the position of the vertebral column on a sleep system, every person should have an individually adapted sleep system”

– ‘Back & Bed – Ergonomic Aspects of Sleeping’ by Bart Haex ©2005, Ch.1 pg 3


A fully supportive ergonomic sleep solution

Ammique is the product of decades of research, design and development and has been designed and engineered specifically to give you the best night’s sleep possible by providing consistent and sustained body contouring support over your entire lifetime.

Research has shown that conventional mattresses cannot provide such support and, over time, any support that they did provide will diminish as they degrade.

The Ammique, which has no mattress, has been rigorously tested for durability and longevity at a higher level than any mattress in history and is guaranteed to withstand a lifetime of use.


Unlike a traditional bed with a mattress, the Ammique bed can be fully cleaned.

Over the years, mattresses absorb large amounts of bodily fluids, dust mite faeces and skin flakes and there is no way to properly clean them. With the Ammique, there is no mattress to clean. Instead, the body of the Ammique is made of metal, plastic and wooden materials – all of which can be steam cleaned. The padded materials can be removed and washed.

Removable side panels provide easy access to vacuum through the Ammique base.

Beneath the Ammique cleanable structure and mechanism, a void allows for excellent airflow, helping you to regulate your temperature throughout the night.


Ammique is a UK-based company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

I have traveled about 3.5 million miles and spent more than 1000 nights in mostly luxury hotels and resorts. During this time, I have slept on most every major brand of bed in the world and the Ammique leaves the others lacking. In my opinion, the Ammique is the “Greatest Bed In The World”.
Frank Wolf,
We decided to order an Ammique because of it’s comfort, design, hygiene and excitement. We will have a unique product that will look after our hard working bodies, be utterly fantastic to look at, easy to keep clean and always be something far more than just a bed.
Nigel and Julie Southern
As a life-long sufferer of migraine, I regularly woke up with a ‘morning’ headache. Since sleeping on the Ammique, my headaches have greatly decreased in intensity.
Linda Reavley
When I stay at the Bath Priory Hotel, the only room I will ever consider staying in is the Ammique suite, I have never had such a great and relaxing nights sleep before I slept in the Ammique bed, it really is incredible.
Neil Hudson
It is, I can report, exquisitely comfortable and people can decide for themselves whether it’s worth the money… but the Ammique bed has become something of a phenomenon.
Mark Phillips
The bed in Room 16 (Cotswold House Hotel) really comes into its own. The Bed now feels firm yet strangely fluid. How a water bed should feel… but doesn’t. I’m not sure how long it took me to fall asleep – it could have been as long as 60 seconds. The Ammique Bed – There’s no question that it lives up to its hype.
Susan d'Arcy, The Sunday Times
The bed is so comfortable and gives such effective support that I can sit cross-legged in bed, doing my sudoku, without any discomfort to my back, and without disturbing Linda.
Bill Reavley