• “I have traveled about 3.5 million miles and spent more than 1000 nights in mostly luxury hotels and resorts. During this time, I have slept on most every major brand of bed in the world and the Ammique leaves the others lacking. In my opinion, the Ammique is the “Greatest Bed In The World”. As soon as shares become available, I'm going to invest in this company because it will change the way the world sleeps!”
    By Frank Wolfe TravelKingpin.com Austin, Texas, USA
  • “We were at the Grand Designs exhibition in spring 2005 and saw this amazing bed. The concept seemed, like all good ideas, to be so obvious and so simple and elegant. The more we looked at it the more sense it made. When we tested the bed at the exhibition it was immediately comfortable as well as being an interesting and customisable piece of furniture.

    We decided to order an Ammique because of it’s comfort, design, hygiene and excitement. We will have a unique product that will look after our hard working bodies, be utterly fantastic to look at, easy to keep clean and always be something far more than just a bed.”
    Nigel and Julie Southern
  • "As a life-long sufferer of migraine, I regularly woke up with a 'morning' headache. Since sleeping on the Ammique, my headaches have greatly decreased in intensity."
    Linda Reavley
  • "The bed is so comfortable and gives such effective support that I can sit cross-legged in bed, doing my sudoku, without any discomfort to my back, and without disturbing Linda.”
    Bill Reavley
  • “When I stay at the Bath Priory Hotel, the only room I will ever consider staying in is the Ammique suite, I have never had such a great and relaxing nights sleep before I slept in the Ammique bed, it really is incredible.”
    Neil Hudson
  • "It is, I can report, exquisitely comfortable and people can decide for themselves whether it’s worth the money... but the Ammique bed has become something of a phenomenon."
    Mark Phillips (CBS News Reporter)
  • "The bed in Room 16 (Cotswold House Hotel) really comes into its own. The Bed now feels firm yet strangely fluid. How a water bed should feel... but doesn’t. I’m not sure how long it took me to fall asleep – it could have been as long as 60 seconds.”

    "My slumber was so sound that I woke with a start when the room-service waitress tapped on my door at 8.30am. It took a satisfyingly long time to remember where on earth I was, before I welcomed in my breakfast with a light skip, a tra-la-la and, I swear, a bluebird on my shoulder."

    "The Ammique Bed – There’s no question that it lives up to its hype."
    Susan d’Arcy (The Sunday Times Reporter)
  • "True relaxation, we think, is a hotel room that exceeds your wildest expectations; where everything is just that bit better than you think.

    With hotel rooms featuring colour-changing light features... plus Ammique beds which hold guests in the optimum sleeping position, we're inclined to agree."
    Matt Turner (Sleeper Journalist)
  • "Every hotel has a duty to offer its guests the best night's sleep possible, and the Ammique sleep system is truly a 21st Century bed, which can be customised for even the most classic of English bedrooms.

    Guests have loved it, and suffice to say, The Bath Priory housekeeping team adhore its practicality."
    Sue Williams (General Manager at the Bath Priory Hotel)
  • "There's certainly a lot of comfort here, and we were very comfortable lying down a moment ago.

    The Ammique Bed in Guestroom2010 has been a tremendous focal point of this booth thus far..."
    Kevin Heilbronner (US Editor for Hsyndicate.com)
  • "In Guestroom2010... we have the wonderful Ammique bed. there's another feature available on this as well, the mattressless mood bed that everyone seems to love and is the hit of the show."
    Jules Sieburgh CHTP (HFTP Reporter)
  • "With endless possibilities for colour and style the Ammique Bed provides the ultimate sleeping experience."
    Alex Wiltshire (ICON Assistant Editor)
  • "I found the Ammique to be the most comfortable surface I have ever reclined on."
    Ken Speake (Whatever.com Repoter)
  • "At Cotswold Houseā€¦ for a dreamy night's sleep, check into Room 16, which houses a $30,000 Ammique designer bed."
    Nicole Apler (Celebrated Living Journalist)
  • "The Bath Priory Hotel... we were delighted to find we would be staying in the Ammique Suite. This was particularly special since we would be sleeping on the $30,000 Ammique bed... it was an incredible thing to sleep on. I could not figure out if it was the bed or just the amazing tranquil atmosphere that is provided by The Bath Priory that allowed me to sleep like a baby every night, but it was very comfortable."
    Houndog5 (Review by Trip Advisor Member)